owner :)

ecah only .
15teen .
respect to each other .
thats my princip .

Hola dears,My name's Hafsah and I'm16 years old and I'm studying at SMK Wangsa Maju Section 2(my old school) and my new school at Darul Quran Wal Hadith ampang :)
I have six siblings,not fun..and I love my parents. :p

I love fashion,posing in the picture and hang out with my darlings!
I kinda indoor person at the moment,cuz I'm still in school..but we'll see.

I love reading novel,I love reading especially about Islam and surfing the nets,eventhough my brother and my sister always blocked me from surfing the net.Haha.

I'm a boring person..hehehe..I don't really know the real world yet,and gets influenced so easily,especially by peers..hate that!
But I'll fix that.Thanks to my sister.

I don't really have any specific ambition,so I'm just go with the flow..
I'm not good at anything.But I'll discover it soon.My dad said that I should be a lecturer,but sometimes I felt that I wanna be a fashion designer like my sister.But I don't know..

Well I guess that it from now...I think I need to learn more about this life and embrace it well..I should focus more on my study first and then maybe I will get the clue what should I be when I grow up.

Till then,bye!